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Tuesday, December 29th Auction POSTPONED

NEW SALE DATE: January 5
Special Holiday Breeding Cattle Auction
9:00 a.m. - Slaughter Cattle   12:00 Noon - Breeding Cattle
Expecting 1000 head
Fall pairs sell first followed by dispersions and bred heifers

217 - Angus (30 2nd cf. hfrs.; 50 5 yrs old; 40 6 yrs. old; 30 7-8 yrs. old; 37 8-10 yrs. old solid
          mouth; 30 broken mouth), calve Mar. 7, 60 day period.  Cows have had a 7 way shot and
          poured 2 weeks ago.  Their   herd will have a strong influence of Slagle Angus genetics. 
          This will be a powerful set of proven producers that consistently raise market topping
          calves.  Complete dispersion - Kurt & Laura Meusch 402-924-3103
172 - Angus & 1st cross Black baldy (70 2nd cf hfrs, mated to Summitcrest Angus bulls Shear
          Force & Tenderline; 91 5 & 6 yr. old; 11 running age cows mated to Summitcrest Angus
          bulls, Highprime, Direction, Coalition, calve March 20th, 60 day period.  Preg guard & 7  
          way shot.  This is a super set of  hard to find young breeding cattle with worlds of
          genetics.  Complete dispersion - Monahan Ranch 402-925-2583
  87 - Angus ( 12 1st calf hfrs, heat synchronized and bull bred to Connealy Angus bulls,
          Contrast & New Standard   to calve, Feb. 25th, 21 day period, 11 2nd calf hfrs. with lots of
          Focus influence; 32 4-6 yrs. old; 32 running age cows) cows are mated to Connealy Angus
          bulls sons of Infocus, New Standard, Extand  Contrast to  calve Mar. 15th, 60 day period. 
          Preg. guard 10, scour guard 4 and 7 way shot.  This will be another super offering of high
          quality Angus replacement stock with over 20 years of high quality genetics.  Calves are
          always market topping kind.   Complete dispersion Tim & Nadine Hobbs 402-340- 5750
  35 - Angus 2nd calf hfrs, mated Angus calve Mar. 20th, 60 days.  Super set of 2nd calf heifers. -
          Spring Creek Cattle Co.     402-394-8007

120 - Angus and 1st cross Black baldy 1st calf heifers, heat synchronized, and AI'd 3 days to
          Angus bull Pine Drive with Angus cleanup bulls.  Calve Feb. 15th, 60 days period, 1050-
          1100#.  This is a fancy set of 1st calf hfrs. we've sold for many years.  James Bornholdt    
           Dick Munk  402-244-5346
  14 - Angus & Black baldy 1st calf heifers, mated Angus , calve Mar. 1st, 35 days.  A reputation
          set that are  always fancy - Ed Kilmurry 402-925-5068
  10 - Angus 1st calf hfrs, confirmed AI bred to Angus bull Final Answer and New Standard,
          calve Feb. 23rd, 22 days.  A fancy set of heifers, handled right - Robert Randall 402-925-2583

  50 - Blk & Blk baldy cows, mated Angus, calve Feb. 13th, 60 days.  A good useful set of cows
          - Chuck & Thad Davis   402-760-2044
  40 - Blk & Blk baldy running age cows, mated Black or Red Angus, calve Mar. 10th, 60 days. 
          Big set of cows - Jeff & Valerie Hostert  402-340-2476
  14 - Blk & Blk baldy cows, mated Angus, Calve Feb. 8th, 85 days.  A big set of cows, bred
          right - Ed Kilmurry 402-925-5068
    6 - Blk & Blk baldy cows, mated Angus, calve Feb. 20th, 60 days.   Mated to good Angus
          bulls.  - Steve & Tiffany Naprstek   402-722-4247

  15 - Angus cows 4-8 yrs. old with a nice set of calves at side.  Cow have been exposed to
          Hereford bulls since Nov. 20th.   A nice set of fall pairs - Pearl Creek Ranch (Joel)  402-

This is an outstanding offering of breeding stock with worlds of genetics and quality.  

If you are looking for the top kind of proven producers we urge you to make plans now to
attend this auction and witness this terrific offering of  Sandhills breeding cattle!!!

Tuesday, January 5th - Regular Auction - many postponed sale items from Dec. 29.
Tuesday, January 12th - Special Breeding Cattle Auction

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