Atkinson Livestock Market
"The Old Reliable"
Tuesday, February 16th Auction

Special Breeding Cattle Auction

10:00 a.m. – Slaughter Cattle     1:00 p.m. - Breeding bulls followed by bred heifers & cows


Annual Hay Country Angus Bull Auction

 Featuring 39 - Angus Yrl. Bulls

19 – Angus Fall yrl. Bulls
 4 – Angus 2 yr. old Bulls

All semen tested

For more information contact Darrel Smith 402-340-1099 Jeff Meradith 402-362-2471


105 – Angus Cows (6 – 4 yrs. old; 15 – 5 yrs. old; 30 – 6 yrs. old; 20 – 7 yrs. old; 30 – 8

          yrs. old; few older cows.  Most of these cows are AI daughters of Hoff, Schaff &

          Connealy Angus genetics.  Cows are mated to Angus bulls from Schaff 5175,

          Networth and Connealy Onward, to start calving Mar. 1st, 60 days.  Complete

          vacc. program.  This is a powerful set of cows with worlds of genetics. – Leon

          Weichman  - 402-924-3830

100 – Blk, Blk baldy, few red baldy & Hereford 1st calf hfrs, MGA & heat synchronized

          & AI’d to Angus bull Final Answer with lowbirth weight Angus cleanup bulls for

          65 days to calve Mar. 1st.  Scourboss 9 shot.  This is a nice set of 1st calf hfrs.

          right up close to calving. – Pearl Creek Ranch – Joel 402-568-2374

  64 – Blk & Blk baldy 1st calf hfrs, mated to lowbirth weight Angus bull to calve Mar.

         15th, 60 days.  This is a very nice set of 1st calf hfrs, all in town. – Larry & Diana

         Burival  402-336-3553

  40 – Blk & Blk baldy 1st calf hfrs. (35 hd. are AI’d to Angus New Standard , to calve

          Feb. 25th, 5 hd. bull bred lowbirth weight Connealy Angus bull, calve Mar. 15th. 

          Another nice set of hfrs.  Lechtenburg Cattle Co. – Russ 402-775-2578


     This will be a very nice offering of replacement breeding stock.  If you are needing breeding cattle we urge you to make plans now to attend this auction!!!

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