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Tuesday, July 20th Auction
 Special Fall Calf, Yrlg. & Breeding Cattle Auction
9:30 a.m. – Slaughter Cattle     12:00 Noon – Bred Cows followed by Feeders

Breeding Cattle

124 – Blk, Blk baldy few Hereford (21 1st cf  hfrs., 20 2nd cf, 20 3rd cf, 33 5-7 yrs. old, 30  

          8-10 yrs. old.)  Mated Angus, calve Aug. 24th, 60 days.  This is a powerful set of 

          cows that consistently raise market toping calves.  Complete dispersion. – Homolka


  75 – Angus (10 2nd calvers, 45 3rd & 4th calvers, 20 5th calf)   Mated Angus, calve Aug. 

          15th, 75 days.  This is a fancy set of hard to find young fall calvers.  Complete

          Dispersion.  Alan Estes

  12 – Angus running age cows, mated Angus, calve Aug. 1st, 60 days – Richard


  12 – Black, Black baldy & few Hereford, 4-8 yrs. old, heat synchronized and AI’d, 10

          days to Angus bulls Leadon & Grid Maker with Angus clean up bulls, calve Aug.

          15th, 50 days.  A world of genetics here – Stewart Ranch Part.

  12 – Angus running age cows mated Angus, calve Sept. 1st.  A powerful set, super

          genetics. – Leon Weichman

   6 – Angus cows 8-10 yrs. old with a big set of spring calves at side – Bryan Rentschler

   5 – Black & Black baldy cows mated Angus, calve Aug. 10th, 60 days – Jerry Stewart


Expecting 1000-1500 Fall calves & Yearlings


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