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Tuesday, April 26th Auction

Special Breeding Cattle Auction

9:30 a.m. – Slaughter Cattle      12:00 noon – Breeding Cattle


145 – Blk & Blk baldy pairs (10 - 1st calf hfrs; 20 - 2nd calf hfrs; 70 - 4th calf; 15 - 5th calf;

          30  - 7-10 yrs. old)   Calves are a powerful set of Jan. & Feb., with lots of eye

          appeal.   5 Bulls (2 Hereford; 3 Angus 2-5 yrs. old).  This is an outstanding offering

          of pairs  from 1 ranch.  Quality will be exceptional.  Complete dispersion –

          Lechtenberg Cattle Co.

  50 – Red Angus few Black pairs, 3-4 yrs. old with a big powerful set of calves at side. 

          This will be another outstanding offering of hard to find young pairs on a

          dispersion of the young end of this herd  - Daryl & Makala Butterfield

  20 – Angus cows 7-10 yrs. old with a big set of calves at side.  This set of cows

          originated from the Rose Ramm herd, so there will be lots of genetics here. 

         Another fancy set of pairs – Delbert & Dustin Fleek

  10 – Blk & Blk baldy running age cows with a nice set of calves at side.  Calves have

          been Alfa 7 and bull calves are worked.  More nice pairs – Steve & Tiffany


            This is an outstanding offering of reputation breeding stock fresh off Sandhill ranches.  If you are looking for the “Top Kind” we urge you to make plans now to attend this auction!!!


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