Atkinson Livestock Market
"The Old Reliable"

Tuesday, June 14th Auction

Special Breeding & Feeder Cattle Auction

9:30 a.m. – Slaughter Cattle    12:00 Noon – Breeding cattle with feeders to follow


Breeding Cattle

70 – Angus 1st calf heifers to running age cows, mated Angus, calving now.  This is a

        nice set of home raised one iron cows - Jim Selle

10 – Angus running age cows mated Angus, calve June & July.  A fancy set – Doris

        Filips, Kurt & Pam Mitchell


Feeder Cattle

85 – Blk & Blk baldy strs, 675-700#.  Green & fancy – Jay Ludwig

43 – Angus strs. & hfrs, 500-600#.  Reputation set – Rose & Justin Ramm


These are the early listings with more expected by sale time.

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