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Tuesday, November 27th Auction

Special Breeding Cattle Auction

9:00 a.m. – Slaughter Cattle     12:00 Noon – Bred heifers followed by dispersions


257 – Blk & Blk baldy (28 1st calf hfrs; 40 hd, 3-4 yrs. old; 50 hd , 6 yrs. old; balance solid to broken

          mouth) Blk cows mated Hereford, Blk baldy cows mated Angus, calve Mar. 10th, 70 days.  These

          cows always raise a top set of calves.  Complete dispersion – Gokie Bros.

  90 – Blk & Blk baldy (55 hd, 5-6 yrs. old; balance running age) mated Angus, calve Mar. 10th, 60 days.

          A fancy set of middle age cows.  Complete dispersion – Tasler & Tasler

  80 – Black few Blk baldy 1st calf heifers, (45 hd. AI’d to Angus bull Right Answer for 3 days to calve

          Feb. 15th, ultrasound to be caring bull calves; 35 hd. mated to low birth weight Angus bulls to

          calve Mar. 1st , 45 days.  This is a powerful set of heifers – Wes Kilmurry

  50 – Blk few Char X cows, solid mouth, mated Angus, calve Feb. 20th, 70 days.  A big set of cows. 

          Complete Dispersion – David Frank

  30 – Angus 1st calf heifers, AI’d to Angus bulls, 20/20 & Efect with Shaker cleanup bull, to calve Mar.

          6th, 40 days.  This is one of the Top sets of bred heifers in the area with worlds of AI Genetics –

          Bert Straka

  27 – Blk & Blk baldy cows, 7-8 yrs. old, mated Angus, calve Mar. 13th.  Big useful set – Dick & Chris


  20 – Blk, Blk baldy & few Red baldy running age cows, mated Angus, calve Feb. 25th – Doug & Kenny


  14 – Angus running age cows, mated Angus, calve Mar. 10th.  Good useful set – Alan Estes

  10 – Angus cows 3-6 yrs. old, mated Angus, calve Mar. 1st. All spring calvers in town – Steve Kaup


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