Atkinson Livestock Market
"The Old Reliable"
Tuesday, April 24th Auction

Special Breeding Cattle Auction-Including ADR Annual Angus Bull Auction

9:30 a. m. – Slaughter Cattle 12:00 Noon-Pairs & Bred Cattle

 1:00 p.m. – Breeding Bulls


49 – Angus Yearling & Fall Yearling Bulls – ADR Cattle Comp.
70 – Angus (60 Angus pairs 2nd calf up to running age)  Approx 10-15 of each age group 
        also Aprox 10 left to calve.  Lots of Connealy Angus Genetics.  This will be a 
        dispersion of 2nd calf and older cows selling because of loss of pasture.  A fancy set 
        of pairs – Mike Dougherty
12 – Fall calving cows (7 Blk & Blk baldy; 5 Hereford) 3-6 yrs. old, mated Angus, cf 
        Aug. 15th, 55 days – Roy & Jay Stewart
   6 – Red Angus 1st calf  heifers with red Angus calves at side – Steve Napier

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