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Saturday, November 9th Auction

Special Breeding Cattle Auction

No Slaughter Cattle           11:00 a.m. – Bred Heifers followed by cows


 1075 – Blk, Blk baldy, Red & Red Baldy cows (730 4-9 yrs. old, 345 broken mouth & shorterm cows),

             mated to Black Angus, Red Angus & Char. bulls to calve Mar. 1st, 80 days.  Cows have had

             Scour Boss 9 and poured with Ivermec this fall.  This set of cows raised a nice set of calves this

             past year.   A good opportunity to purchase one or several loads of bred cows.  Complete

             dispersion – William A. Hobbs Estate

     54 – Angus 1st calf  hfrs. (30 head AI’d to Angus bull Final Answer to calve Feb. 7th, 14 days, 24 mated to

             sons of Angus bull Infocus to calve Feb. 20th, 45 days).   A big set of 1100# heifers originating from


     50 – Angus 1st calf hfrs. (20 head AI’d to Angus bull Sav Birthstone for a 1 day calving period to

             calve Feb. 20th, 30 head mated to lowbirth weigh Angus bulls from Barstow & Derner to calve

             Mar. 1st – Mar. 15th).  This will be one of those top sets of bred heifers with lots of reputation –

             Shane Kaczor

     30 – Blk & Blk baldy 1st calf hfrs, mated to Angus bull son of Final Answer, calve Mar. 1st, 45 days – Wes


     10 – Blk & Red cows, 6 yrs. old with a big set of fall calves at side – Will Williams



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