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Tuesday, February 13th Auction

Breeding Cattle Auction

9:30 a.m. – Slaughter Cattle     12:00 Noon – Bred hfrs. followed by Bred Cows


Bred Heifers

30 – Blk Angus 2 yr. old 1st calf heifers mated to Nagels low birth weight bulls, calve March 10th, 60 days. 

        All bred hfrs. in town – Wes Palmer


Bred Cows and Dispersions

90 – Blk running age cows, bred Blk, calve March 15th, for 60 days – Ron Stewart & Jon Young

89 – Angus (13 bred 1st calf heifers, bred to Sitz Lightening low birth weight bulls; 14 2nd calf; 16 3rd calvers;

       15 4th calvers; 8 5th calvers; balance are running age cows), bred to Reg. Angus Bulls, calve March 8th, for

       65 days – Lyle Lemmer Estate

62 – Blk Angus running age cows, mated Angus, calve March 10th.  – Tom & Bonnie Krysl

40 – Blk running age cows, bred Black, calve March 10th, for 65 days – Glen Rudloff - Pending

39 – Blk running age cows, bred Black, calve March 15th, for 60 day.  Complete dispersion – Matt Cooper

35 – Blk Fall Pairs, with calves at 200-400# - Mike Ketter 308-660-9168

30 – Blk running age cows, bred Blk, calve March 1st – Rollie Wallinger

23 – Blk running age cows, bred Blk sons of Final Answer, calve Feb. 25th, for 75 days.  Sour Boss Shot &

        poured with Cleanup – George & BradleyWright


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