SUNDAY • OCTOBER 21, 2012 • 10:00 A.M.


AUCTIONEER’S COMMENTS: This will be an OUTSTANDING offering for this mutiple estate auction. Boxes are being unpacked every day.
There will be lots of surprises! This is a HUGE auction.
We hope you make plans to spend the day with us.

SELLERS COMMENTS: Anyone interested in renting the former H&H Cafe & Lounge at Newport, NE, it is now available to rent.  We'd like to see a business in that location if possible.  If you are an interested party, please contact us at 402-750-8809.  (Some equipment can be purchased at the sale on Oct. 21.)

Some of these items have been in storage 35~50 years. Lots of old items!
See Ya at the Auction!!!

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Gold $5.00 Indian Head 1914S Au 50•Morgan

Silver $’s and Carson City: 1878, 1880,

1886,1887,1889,1890, 1891,1899, 1923


Rare 5 Shot Manufactured by E. Remington &

Sons Pat Date:Oct 1,1861, May 29,1861•12 GA Colt

Double Barrel Hammers (Good)•8 GA American

Shotgun (Old, Very Nice)•28 GA Double Barrel w/

Hammers American Gun Co., NY•Lord & Lady Colt

Derringers (Orig. Box,Never Fired)•12 GA Double

Barrel Shotgun Wall Hanger


Triumph•Nu-house•Lg Cona Bear•Sm Cona Bear


First Redwing Birch Leaf Crock•Redwing Birch

Leaf Crock•Small Unmarked Crocks


Refrig•Television•Lawnmower•Gambles Profit

Plan•Floor Covering•Furniture•1947 Detroit

Chrysler Corp Car Material (Still in Box)•Vol. # 1

The ABC’s of Hydraulic Brakes•RCA Master

Technicians Conf. Vol # 1 Records & Man.•Case

of Thirty Piston Rings•Carburetor• Transmission

Part 2


Old Never Used Lady Leg Spurs




The Texas Holster Set (New in Box)•Superb Halco

Brand, Remington on the Handle includes: Spurs

& Wristbands•Old Pony Express Money

Box•Mickey Mantle Model Major League Bat•100

Yr Old George Bros. Brass Top Cash Register-

Orchard, NE


Special Police Railroad•Indian Police US•Sheriff

Badge•Deputy Marshall•Marshall Deadwood•NY

Fire Dept made after 911


Brass Heart Winchester•8" Big Winchesters•

Smaller Colt Firearms #23




Stainless Steel Exhaust Hood•Electricial Panel

and Fire Spray System w/Gauges• Grill•Double

Deep Fat Fryer• Brooster (Needs New Gasket)•

Stainless Steel 3 Door 2 Drawer Cooler•Kitchen

Stainless Steel Utility Table•Food Warmer

Unit•Single Deep Fat Fryer•Small Grill•Salad Bar•

Stainless Steel Triple Sink•Single Stainless Steel



Superman•Batman•Tweetie Bird•Alice in

Wonderland•Wizard of Oz•Christmas•Mickey

Mouse•Winnie the Pooh and friends•Minnie

Mouse•Goofy•Pluto and Mickey in Cup


4x6 Sentury Hardware•Corner Hardware •Wells

Lamont•Professional Tools•Scissors For Sale•

Porceline Fresh Coffee•R-V Celo Lie•Breck

Shampoo•Grape Soda•Pabst Blue Ribbon•

Nebraska Husker•Schlitz Beer•Lite Beer•Tru

Test•Snapper Tractor•Haopala Seed Corn•

Custom Colors True Value


Wooden Tea Cart•Octagon Accessory Table•

Wood Table & 4 Chairs w/Upholstered Seats•

Small Hand Made Cedar Table•4 Drawer Chest

of Drawers•King Size Mattress & Box Spring w/

Frame (Near New)•Cedar Potato Box•Steel

Stairway Plant Stand•Old Possum Belly Cabinet•

Library Table•Old Metal Bed Frame (Complete,

Very Nice)•4 Café Booths•8 Café Stools•New

Shower Stall Base•10’wide 2 Shelf Store Display

Cabinet•Window Shade Cutter•Porcelain

Chamber Pot•2 Occasional Chairs•Chimney

Cupboard•Camel Back Trunk•2 Tier Bookcase•

Cappuccino Coffee Machine•Antique Ornate



Old Catchers Glove•Old Catchers Mask•Lg Cabinets w/Sliding Doors•Hoover Vacuum Cleaner (Works)•Cabinets w/Sliding doors•Square Brand Paper

Holder for Counter•Blue Lustre Carpet Shampooer•Wards Iron Stove- Burns Wood or Coal (Great Shape)•Sm Black Board•Tires w/Tubes: 6 ply 6-0016,

4 ply F78-15•Budwiser Hanging Light•4’Base for Display•Boss Glove Display•Malt Mixer Machine•Micro Fisch Machine•Books on Paint•Green Glass

Hanging Lamp•Lg Pc of Granite•Old Self Measuring Oil & Gas tank (Unusual)•Rolls of Tarpaper•Open Shelves•Roll of Twine•Carburetor Set•Store Wire

240 (New Roll)•Roberts Heavy Wooden Boxes W/Metal Trim•Wooden Cabinet w/Open Shelves•Metal Shelving•Replacement Parts for Ratchet

Wrenches•Roof Cable Kit•Diamond Horseshoe Set• Insulators (Var. sizes & Colors)• Wagon Bolts•Heat Lamp Protectors•Screen Door Springs•Towel

Bars•Lawn Boy Grass Catcher• Bicycle Tube•Wall Heater (New)• Outdoor Phone Jack’s•Chimney Mount Kit•Swather Blade•220 Plug-ins•Rt Traps•

Sewing Machine Stands•10 Pkg Nails (New)• Display Phonograph Needles•Milk Bucket (New)•Old Port-a- Pot•Mop Handles (New)• Torch•Skilsaw•

Filters•Tools• Sockets•Shoes (New)•Aprilane Humidifier• Florescent Lights• Knife Sharpener• Antique Child Rakes•Intake Manifold•Auto Wheel

Balancer•Auto Parts•Weed Whip•Master Cutters•Ceiling Light•Eversharp Display•New S&K Ratchet Parts•Spray Paint•Wizard Huskey Fan•Floor

Shampooer• Paint Box•Carpenter Belt•Antique Door Knob (New)•Antique Paper Roller•SK Tool Box• Igniters•Toilet Lid (New)•Nail Puller•Pencil

Sharpener•Coal Scoop•1952 Toeldo Scale Mod#346 S#57098 Pat. 12/29/1906• Hubs•Saw•˝ Hp Motor•Ironing Board•Bread Slicer•Cheese Press•Floor

Coating•Butter Mold•Old String Holder•Electric Peeler•Curling Iron (Old)•Ink Box•Brass Top Cash Register•Eye Glasses (Old)•Recipe Books (Old)•#20

Daisy Churn•Cream Jar•Qt Milk Bottle•Whiskey Bottle•Heinz Ketsup Bottle•Sugar Jar•Spice Jar•Old Bottles•Pt Blue Ball Jar•Antique Door Knobs•Sad

Irons•Scales• Wood Planer w/Parts•Stove Polis•Enterprise Cherry Pitter• Douglas Vanilla Flip Top Jug•Drill Bits•Coal Shovels•24"Glass Light

Fixture•Pitcher Pump (Old)•Stove Adj. Tool•Hog & Sheep Disinfectant• Hand Planer•Old Jars w/Glass Lids•Post Hole Digger•Ekco Secret Baker Display•#3

Farm Assortment•Window•Asst Wire Racks for Display•Timex Display(Old)•Artisian High Speed Twist Drills Display•Vermont Threading Tool Display•Fuller

Wire Wheels Display•Master Mechanic Screwdriver Display•Glass Display Case w/Sliding Doors• Bowles Watch Bands Display•Master Electrician Switches

Display• Touch Enamel Display• Pegboard Display•Youth Size 6 String Guitar•Old Door w/Etched Glass of Native American Council•Gas Lamp (Old)•2

Poly Bale Feeders•4 Tractor Tire Feeders•Propane or Natural Gas Heater (Runs w/out Electricity)•Small Shop Vac

•Announcements day of sale take precedence over written material.•Not responsible for accidents or theft.•I.D. required for buyer number.•Shoplifters and bad checks will be prosecuted.•All guarantees between buyer and seller not auction company.


Tasler Auction Service

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Box 418 • Atkinson NE 68713

Mike Tasler, Auctioneer


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