Antique & Collectible Auction
Heirs of Margaret and Louie Bartos
Contact Linda Wild: 586-246-3281

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Saturday, July 18th, 9:00 AM

LOCATION: Atkinson Community Center, Atkinson, NE

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Collectible Automobiles to sell @ 1 p.m.

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1957 Chevy Belair
4 door, Hardtop, 84,656 miles, auto trans, lavendar color, 238 4 barral carb. P.S. Vin#VG57J197281

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1958 Edsel Rauger
4 door, Hardtop, 29,980 miles, E400 engine, V8, 2 tone green & light green, Vin#W8VC717398. Condition#4+

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1959 Edsel Corsair
4 door, hardtop, V8, 42,635 miles, Baby blue and white, Vin#W9V5728708. Condition #4+

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1967 Ford Mustang Convertible
4 speed, 6 cylinder, No Air, 94,807 miles, Green w/white Top,

(Excellent top, back window needs work) Vin# 7F03T168817. Condition #5+

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1929 Ford Model A Closed Cab Pickup
50,305 miles, no rust, Vin#1964496. Condition #4+

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1975 Chevy Convertible Caprice Classic
52,000 miles, Air, Cruise control, 350 engine, white. Vin#IN67055122160. Condition #3+

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For more information about the automobiles, please contact Ernie Van Horn
402-925-2997 (w) or 402-340-5533 (c)

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"Rim of the Sandhills'
Autographed book by Will Henry Spindler
A True Picture of the
Old Holt County
Horse Thief/Vigilante Days


Aladdin Lamp Blue Lincoln Drape•2 Lincoln Drape

•Brown Beehive•2 Green, 1 Yellow (Some Without

Globes)•Reflector Lamp w/Cast Iron Holder•Banquet

Lamp (Electrified)•Several Miscellaneous Lamps•2 Antique

Light Fixtures•Brass School Bell•Gilbert Clock•

Painted 2 Man Saw•Cast Iron Sailing Ship Book Ends•

Cast Iron Pot•Cast Iron Ashtray on Stand•Small Cast Iron

Rocking Chair•Collection of Lamps (Some Electrified)•

Large Collection of Marbles• Pictures•Picture Frames•

Butter Paddles and Stamps•Set of Silverware in Wood

Box•William Rogers & Son Gold Plated Flatware• Radio

Flyer Doll Wagon•Duck Decoys•Brass Pieces•

Enamelware•Sad Irons•Lawrence Welk Trays•Cig

Lighter•2 Mirrored Wall Shelves•Knick Knack

Shelf•Silver and Aluminum Salt & Pepper, Creamer &

Sugars, Butter Dish, Plates, Serving Platters & Dishes,

Tea Kettles•Children’s Baking Dishes•Meat Grinder•

Cherry Pitter•Texas Ware Bowls•Jewelry Christmas

Tree•Cabin Still Thermometer•Kitchen Utensils•Match

Tin• Comb Brush Tin Holder•Cookie Cutters•Wood &

Marble Rolling Pins•Pink Ashtray on Stand•Lots of Old

Jars & Bottles•Gym Dandy Surrey


Indian Head Pennies 1800’s & 1900’s•Wheat Pennies 1909

VOB & Following•Steel Pennies•Unopened Rolls of Lincoln

Memorial Pennies•V Nickels 1899 & Following• Buffalo

Nickels•Early Date Jefferson Nickels•Seated Liberty

Dimes•Barber Dimes 1800’s & Following•Mercury Dimes

1916 & Following•Silver Dimes 1946 & Following•Half

Dimes•3 Coins• Seated Liberty Quarters 1855•Barber

Quarters 1892 & Following•Standing Liberty Quarters 1917

& Following•Silver Quarters 1930’s & Following• Bicentennial

Quarters (Several Full Unopened Rolls)•Half Dollars

1805, 1828, 1837, 1861•Barber Half Dollars 1893 &

Following•Walking Liber ty Half Dollars 1917 &

Following•Franklin Half Dollars•Bicentennial Half

Dollars•Morgan Dollars 1878 & Following (O, S, & CC Mint

Marks)•Peace Dollars 1921 & Following•Proof Ike Dollars•

Bicentennial Dollars•Full Rolls Susan B. Dollars•2003

Sac Dollar•$2.50 Quarter Eagle Coins 1843, 1878,

1902•$5.00 Half Eagle 1898•Proof & Mint Set•Silver

Commemorative Coins & Medallions•1857 City of Omaha

$3.00 & $5.00 Paper Notes•1849 Farmers Joint Stock Bank

$1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $5.00 Toronto Paper Notes•$1.00

Silver Certificate (Near New Condition)•1935 Hawaii $1.00

Bill•1976 Stamped $2.00 Bills in Series•Canadian Silver

Coins•Boys Town Bank Coins•Foreign Coins 1800’s &

Following•Token-Omaha/Council Bluffs, Washing Tax, Denver

Tramway, Portland Traction Co., Longview Public Service,

Seattle Transit, San Francisco Market St., Oklahoma

Railway, Fort Cook Bus Lines, Many Others•Philadelphia 1

oz. Silver Bar (Numbered)

This is a very large and fairly complete date by date collection. There

are many very clean and unique coins. Expect some surprises as we

are still going through this collection. A complete coin catalog will

be available by sale time.



Secretary Ornate (Beautiful)•Oak Sideboard Buffet w/

Mirror•Antique Wood Dining Room Table w/6 Chairs•China

Cupboard w/Lead Glass Inserts•China Cupboard on Legs•

Corner China Hutch•China Cupboard Oak w/Engraving•

Curved Front China Cupboard•Oak Ornate End Table

(Beautiful)•Small China Hutch w/Curved Open Ends•China

Hutch w/Sliding Glass Doors•Gateleg Table•Oak Wood

Rocker•2 Dressers•4 Drawer Antique Dresser•

Nightstand•End Tables•Fern Stand•Quilt Rack•Hall

Tree•Old Trunk (Complete)• School Desk•Small Wood

Cabinet•Small Corner Knick Knack Shelf•Small Oak Desk

(w/Fold Down Top)•Small Buffet


Cook Books•Verdigre 1887-1987•Verdigre 75 Yr. Diamond

Jubilee•Autograph Will Spinder Books•Yesterdays

Trail•Centennial Prairie• Before Today•Autograph Mari

Sandoz Old Jules•Old Comic Books


Remington Mod 742 30-06 Semi Automatic w/Scope•US

Mod 1886 30-40 Craig Springfield Armory•Star 9 mm

Revolver (Needs Front Sight)


Horiskey O’Neill NE Egg Bottom Crock w/Beater•4 & 6 Gallon

Salt Glazed Crocks•6 Crock Butter Dish•4 Gallon Redwing

Crock•6 Gallon Redwing Crock (Large Wing)• Western 6

Gallon Crock•Monitor Flour & Plain Egg Bottom Crocks•Crock

Bowls & Pitchers•7, 8 & 10 Watt Ware Bowls•Crock Jugs

w/Lids•Damask Redwing #325 Set of Dishes w/Serving

Pieces• Majolica Jardinere• Francoma Stoneware• Large Selection

of Pink and Green Depression Including: Creamers &

Sugars, Candlesticks, Salt & Peppers, Pitchers & Glasses,

Platters, Plates, Bowls, Cookie Jars, Toothpick Holder, Juicers,

Spooners, Cups & Saucers, Beater Jars w/Beaters, Vases,

Measuring Cups,Malt Glasses, Candy Dishes, Compotes, Sherbets

& More•2 Dandy, 1 Dazey Butter Churns•Carnival

Pieces• Black, Yellow and Blue Depression•Royal Ruby and

Green Anchor Glass•Ruby Red•Glass Baskets•Rooster Canister

Set w/Matching Pitcher•Several Pitcher & Glass

Sets•Several Bowl & Cup Sets•Hobnail•Lots of Milk Glass•

Czechoslovakia Pieces•Fire King•Pyrex•Corelle Ware• Holland

Pieces•Moderntone•Mandarin China• California

Pottery•Amber, Amethyst and Lots of Cape Cod• McCoy•

Fiesta•England Pedestal Cake Plate• Children’s Tea

Set•Square Pedestal Cake Plate•3 Tulip Bowls•Mixing

Bowls• Refrigerator Containers•Jadite Green Measuring Cups

(Set of 4) & Measuring Cup• Spooners•Glass Canisters•

Juicers•Cruets•Butter Dishes•Sail Boat and Scotty Dog Salt

& Pepper, Butter Dish, Glass Pieces• Collection of Tea

Pots•Cup & Saucer Sets•Berry Bowl Sets• (Approx. 300)

Collection of Salt & Peppers: Modern Tone, Ball, Black Mammy,

Ball, Phillips 66 Home Oil Co Phone 123, Range Sets•USA

Pieces•Lefton• Japan• Kitchen Craft•Madrid• Royal

Copley• Occupied Japan•Japan Cruet Set Roosters•

Chalkware Measuring Spoon Holders•Spice Sets•Glass

Eggs•Glass Knives, Ladles, Measuring Cups, Measuring Pitchers•

Lead, Pressed, Cut & Crystal Glassware• BLACK AMETHYST

w/Sterling Silver Decoration: 2 Creamers, 1 Sugar,8

Plates,5 Cups w/Saucers• BLACK AMETHYST w/Clover Leaf

Band at Top:1 Creamer•BLACK AMETHYST - Mt. Pleasant

Pattern: 5 Saucers (No Cups), 2 Vases•2 MCCOY VASES: 1

-Tulips -Approx 7" tall, 1- Pink -Floral on Front-Approx 7" tall•

Depression Glass:Pink Frosted•5 Apple-Shaped Sauce


Pitchers, Bowls, Candlesticks, Berry Bowl, Relish Dishes, Platters,

Plates, Vases, Spooners, Juicers, Butter Dishes, Salt &

Peppers, Creamer & Sugars, Salt Sellers, and Much More•

Advertising Plates: 1909 W.F. Kloke Spencer NE,1908 The

Cash Store Orchard NE, Nele Lindquist Orchard NE•Planters

Peanuts Large Jars•Moon & Stars in Red and Green•Cookie

Jars: Tea Pot, School House, USA, Yellow Jug, Japan Tea Kettle,

Black•Coffee & Matching Tea Pot Painted Crock• Hens on

Nest•Glass Domed Cake Plate•Avon Collector Plates•Ashtray

Sets•Juice Glasses•Glass From Carnivals•Snack Sets•Ink

Bottles• Shot Glasses•Goblets•Cordial Glasses• Sherbets•

Candy Dishes•Bells•Glass Boot•Blue Sailboat Pitcher and 2

Sizes of Glasses•Candy Dish•Blue Shirley Temple Pitchers

AUCTIONEER’S COMMENTS:  This is one of the finest offerings of glassware and furniture we have had the opportunity to auction in some time. This is only a partial listing - come expecting to see many unique and unusual items. SEE YOU AT THE AUCTION!!!!!


•Announcements day of sale take precedence over written material. •I.D. required for buyer number. •Not responsible for accidents or theft.

•Shoplifters and bad checks will be prosecuted.


Tasler Auction Service

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Box 418 • Atkinson NE 68713

Mike Tasler, Auctioneer


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